What do Luxury Loos come with?

Running water in the sinks, flushing toilets, large vanity mirrors, full length dress mirrors, paper hand towels,  liquid soap, tissues, pictures, wood effect on floor, Clean white exteriors to blend in subtly without being too obvious.

Do I need a water supply?

Yes, a standard water tap within 50 m will be fine. A certain amount of water can be held in tanks but if at all possible a direct feed is preferable.

Does It need an electrical supply?

Yes, it will a 13 amp socket within 50m.

Is our site suitable?

If you are unsure if your site is suitable, we can have a representative come out and inspect the site.

Do your restrooms come with an attendant?

Yes, an attendant can be arranged if required.

How many people can each trailer cater for?

Depending on the size of the trailer but also it would depend on the type of event (quantity of liquids being consumed) If you have any other queries about mobile toilets please give us a call or drop us an email.